3 Steps For Accomplishing Your 2018 Eyecare Practice Goals

Planning your goals for the upcoming year can be an exciting activity for taking your eyecare practice to the next level. Establishing goals can give you the opportunity to measure what you’ve done and plan for the future success of your practice. While you want to reach for the stars, setting the bar too high will likely cause your goal to fail and setting yourself too low won’t give you the chance to drive and work harder to grow your business. Below are tips to help you accomplish your optometric practice goals in 2018.

Conquering Your Eyecare Practice Goals in 2018

Document SMART GoalsUse these tips to conquer your goals and grow your eyecare practice in 2018

When you think about what you want your optometric practice to achieve in 2018, you should make goals that are motivating, achievable, and clearly documented. To document a clear and effective goal, consider using the SMART goal setting method. A SMART goal is something that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Using these five guidelines on goal setting can help you document a realistic goal that will motivate your team to accomplish the objective and grow your practice.

Create Action Plan

One way to create an action plan is to work backward from the goal to identify activities that must take place to reach the objective. As you work on this list, establish the timeline for each action to help you determine if your SMART goal can be achieved during the allotted amount of time.

Your action plan should include:

  • The tasks that need to be completed to achieve the goal
  • Who is responsible for each task
  • When tasks need to be done to meet the time frame
  • What resources are needed to do the task effectively
  • Potential barriers that could prevent the task from being accomplished

Reference And Revise

Now that you have documented your SMART goals and created an action plan, you should put your goal somewhere where you and your team can reference them to keep you on track and working towards your goal. As you encounter barriers that make it difficult to accomplish your goal, you should revise the goal to make it more attainable.

If you find that you’ve achieved your goal sooner than you expected, alter the goal to keep you focused on progressing further.


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