3 Ways A Complete Optometry Software Solution Will Change Your Practice


Your optometry practice relies on more optometry software  today than it had ten years ago. With solutions to manage your patient schedule, educate patients, and document a patient’s journey through your practice, managing the different solutions can become expensive and complex.

However, leveraging a complete, all-inclusive solution in your optometric practice can reduce the headache without decreasing effectiveness. Below are three ways how a comprehensive practice management and EHR software solution will benefit your practice and create more efficiency for you and your staff.

How A Complete Optometry Software Solution Will Change Your Practice

Eliminate Data Entry ErrorsComplete Optometry Software

Repetitive data entry needlessly increases the risks of documentation errors and takes you and your staff away from your patients. Using an all-inclusive practice management and EHR solution with clinical decision support to automatically populate diagnosis, treatments, orders, and special testing can eliminate a lot of error-ridden, repetitive data entry.

Additionally, with interoperability between the patient portal and your practice management and EHR software, when your patient fills out their demographical and medical history online, the information is automatically imported into the patient’s file in the patient database.

Enhance Patient Care

Your patients expect the best quality of care that they can receive from you and your staff. Unfortunately, some practice management and EHR solutions take the ODs attention away from the patient and force the OD to turn on the computer screen to locate a procedure code and document the exam findings. With a complete optometry solution that’s built for modern optometric practices, the OD can continue to concentrate on the patient while using voice dictation and other mobile capabilities to document the exam on a tablet.

Decrease IT Expense

Managing the different solutions that make up a modern optometric practice can get complex and expensive. Many ODs don’t have the time to configure the technology themselves, so they depend on IT consultants to administer updates across their workstations and test that the update won’t affect their ability to provide exceptional patient care.

With an all-inclusive, cloud-based solution, your practice can reduce your reliance on IT consultants because the solution vendor manages and administers the updates for you with minimal impact on your practice or the other solutions your practice relies on.

Is your optometry software keeping you from realizing these benefits? Maybe it's time to upgrade to an all-inclusive solution! Download our complete guide on upgrading your optometry solution for tips on a successful migration!

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