Would Outsourcing Billing Help You?

Your office may face many challenges such as retention rates, ongoing education, and a struggle to stay on top of rejected or denied claims. In an article recently featured in Women in Optometry, Amanda Whitener, RCM Regional Account Director at VisionWeb, shared the top benefits that practices can expect to see when they outsource their billing. 

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Identifying Challenges in Your Eyecare Practice Screenshot 2022-10-03 134814

Low Retention Rates 

Whitener identifies eyecare practices struggle with staff retention. Not having a knowledgeable staff member can hinder the acceptance rate when submitting claims leading to slower reimbursements.

“If billing staff either isn’t trained properly or the billing tasks fall to the bottom of the priority list, that affects the bottom line”

-Amanda Whitener

Lack of Knowledge

Billing staff members might struggle to stay up to date with constant coding changes. Issues might also arise if the designated biller is out of the office. 

The Patient Experience

Outsourcing your billing will give you time to focus on patient care and create a memorable experience for your patients. Nothing is more frustrating for patients than waiting because you have to deal with billing problems. These issues which can lead to lower retention rates and loss of revenue, according to Whitener. 

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