Optometry Billing | These Are the 4 Things You’ll Love About Uprise

If you are involved in your practice’s billing, you might not think that you need to be concerned with what kind of EHR your practices uses. But having the right EHR, like Uprise, can help you organize and speed up your entire billing workflow. The Uprise claims management software solution actually helps increase claim acceptance and expedites reimbursements. Take a look at some of the billing features you will love to have for your workflow.

4 Uprise Billing Features You’ll Love

computercropped.pngGenerate and Submit Claims Electronically

The Uprise claims management solution helps increase claim acceptance and expedite reimbursements. You have the ability to automatically generate a claim when an invoice is posted. Then, you can submit and track that claim online (in real time), without ever leaving the practice management system. No more switching to different services and juggling multiple logins simply to manage your claim submissions.

Post EOBs and ERAs Electronically

With Uprise, you can electronically submit and post your ERAs and EOBs, improving your efficiency. Even more, ERAs are sent directly to Uprise. When you receive an ERA, you can make adjustments to close the claim – whether you need to record a write-off, file to a secondary insurance, or transfer the balance responsibility from the insurance provider to the patient (or vice versa).

Error Checking

Error checking is built right into the EHR – so when the OD enters the diagnosis during the exam, Uprise will automatically update the treatment codes. Uprise will also perform a systematic CCI review at the exam level, so before you submit a claim, you can make edits, correct errors, and change the insurance billed. When you remove the human error element, your entire optometry billing submission process begins to move more smoothly.  

Create Patient Statements

Creating patient statements is very simple in Uprise, and each patient statement has both historical dates of service and patient details. This helps you reduce the number of questions from patients – instead, they can see all the information they need on the statement.

Hopefully by now you have a good idea of how Uprise can help make your claims management process as efficient as possible. From increasing claim acceptance, to patient eligibility checks, to systematic error-checking, we've got you covered.

There are multiple ways to manage your claims through Uprise. Request a no-obligation demo to see which claims management option is best for your practice.

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Editor's Note: This blog was originally published May 2016 and updated in March 2023.

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