Best Strategies for Collecting on Your Electronic Claims

Managing claims effectively is a complicated process that is critical to providing revenue for optometric practices. As optical dispensary sales continue to compete with online retailers, your practice has to manage electronic claims successfully to earn more revenue on claim reimbursements.

This post provides a few strategies to help your optometric practice effectively manage claims to increase reimbursement revenue.

3 Strategies for Improving Electronic Claim Reimbursements

Pull Benefits EarlyStrategies for improving electronic claim reimbursements

The first step in managing your claims is pulling the patient’s benefits. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of running a busy optometric practice is that the task of pulling patient benefits usually doesn’t happen until the patient is already in the practice for their appointment.

Starting the process earlier and pulling patient benefits a few days before the appointment will give you enough time to contact the patient to confirm information and provide the OD with a full scope of coverage. Pulling patient benefits earlier can help you reduce rejections from inaccurate information, coverage termination, or the payer not supporting the frequency of service.

Submit Claims Using a Clearinghouse

Keeping track of claims when you have to bounce around to multiple payer websites is a time-consuming headache. Using a clearinghouse solution to manage and submit your electronic claims will help you save time, cut costs, and increase accuracy.

With a clearinghouse solution in place, your biller can submit and manage claims to thousands of payers all from one website. Some clearinghouse solutions also include claim scrubbing features to check for errors before the claim is sent to the payer.

Work Rejected Claims

One of the reasons that claims don’t get paid is because rejections get lost in an inbox and the timely filing deadline expires. When you receive a claim rejection, it’s crucial that your biller prioritizes it, addresses the rejection reason, and resubmits the claim to the payer quickly.

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