4 Ways Optical Dispensing is Better with Online Ordering

better optical dispensingOptical dispensing isn't just part of your practice, it's a BIG part of your practice.

So we're always a little surprised when we hear about practices using old-school ordering methods that wouldn't past even the most basic efficiency test.

Especially when online optical ordering services are so easily accessible. The Internet is an awesome invention, so why not use it? 

4 Ways Optical Dispensing is Better with Online Ordering

1. Patients Get their Glasses and Contacts Faster

Orders placed online are returned to a full 1-2 days faster than those placed via phone or fax. That type of turnaround can directly affect your patients' experience in a positive way!

2. Your Orders are Automatically Error-Checked

You know those calls from your spectacle lens labs when there's an error in an order your practice phoned in earlier in the week? Kiss them goodbye! Online optical ordering software has built in error-checking features that confirm the order is correct before it goes to the lab.

3. You Can Order from Your Eyecare Practice Management Software

Do you use a practice management system? Do you know if it compatible for ordering through a practice management integration? If it does, you can use the information already entered in your practice management system to create and submit orders to your suppliers, without leaving the system. That means you won't have to re-key any order information and can save a ton of time!

4. Ordering Tracking is Online in Real-Time

Place your ophthalmic product orders online and when that patient calls in to ask when their order will be ready, you can hop on the internet and check order status in a matter of seconds. There's just no need to place an extra call to the lab, the information is right at your fingertips.

When it's all said and done, online optical ordering services make optical dispensing easier and more efficient. When you are committed to boosting practice efficiency, both you and your employees will notice the difference. When they aren't inundated with phone calls to the labs or other manual processes, they can provide better customer service and spend more time doing the things they really enjoy, like upselling patients and bringing in more revenue! What could be better than that? 

Are you using online ordering in your practice? How has it made a difference in your optical dispensary? Test your ordering efficiency today!

Download the Ordering Efficiency Test
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