33 Ways To Reuse Frames and Glasses Cases

At VisionWeb, we are always looking for a way to reuse everyday objects. Especially considering the current climate crisis, we know practices are conscious about their waste and reducing it. You might even find new uses for those extra frames and glasses cases you have laying around. 

Always thinking of ways to reuse everyday optical-eyecare objects, we knew there were countless ways to reuse old eyeglass cases. These ideas can also present a good marketing opportunity for eyecare professionals to connect with their patients. Why not set up a ‘Store Within A Store‘ concept just with different types of eyeglass cases and do up some demo- displays like the ones shown below?

Opportunities for Eye Care Practice Professionals

1. Mani-Pedi Case


Source: realsimple.com

2. Storage for Ear Buds


Source: Pinterest

3. Clutch Purse



4. Make a Miniature Garden

Because I don’t have images, I am using Altoid Tins as an example of how you can reuse Eyeglass cases

Source: Pinterest

5. Miniature Emergency Kits


6. Create a Secret Stash



7. Make Steampunk Art

33  Ways To Reuse Optical Dispensing Objects

8. Reuse and Hold Crayons


9. Hold Painting Supplies


10. Make a Miniature Suitcase

33  Ways To Reuse Optical Dispensing Objects

11. Make a Pool Table


12. Make a Zen Garden


13. Make a Solar Charger


13. Make a Solar Powered Radio


14. Hold Kleenex or Other Materials in your Purse


15. Make A Catapult


16. Make a Candle


17. Make a Photo Album


18. Use as a Soap Dish or Store Soap When you Travel

19. Store Flashdrives and Other Desk Items Such as Paper Clips, Safety Pins, or Rubber Bands

20. Make a Small Sewing Kit or Organize Sewing Kit Items

An eyeglass case filled with change.

21. To Keep Pocket Change in Purse or in the Car

22. Store Hair Accessories Such as Barrettes, Scrunchies, and Bobby Pins

23. Use as an Ashtray

24. Store Keys so They Don’t get Lost

25. Store Jewelry, Great for Traveling

26. Put Potpourri Inside

27. Store Fishing Lures

28. Hide or Store Snacks or Food for Later

29. Put Postal Stamps Inside

30. Store Small Game Pieces

31. Store Smaller Medical Equipment like Inhalers or Insulin

32. Store Scissors or sharp tools

33. Use as a Mini-Tool Kit

Assembly Required (batteries Not Included)

We aren't short of creative ideas for your eyecare practice. Read our ebook "Building an Adaptable Eyecare Practice" for more.


Original post written by Optical Journal in April 2013. This post is sponsored by Rons Optical And Hilco.

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