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Posted by Kate Nabinger on Thu, Aug 07, 2014 @ 10:08 AM

As some of you may know, our team has relocated to a brand new VisionWeb office. We're still at home in Austin, TX, but we made the move down the street from our old office. We love our new home and we are thrilled to have the chance to share this with everyone, by showcasing some of our new favorite things about the new office.

Perhaps this post will give you some inspiration for a remodel in your eyecare practice! How long has it been since you've made a big change to the look of your office? A change in surroundings could help increase productivity among your staff! There's a lot of changes you can make (even on a tight budget) including new furniture, a change in lighting, re-arranged waiting area, or even a change in wallpaper or paint.

Our Favorite Things About the New VisionWeb Office!


The excitement starts before you even exit the parking garage! You get a view of the colorful garden between the buildings! 


We adore our little outdoor oasis, complete with a mini waterfall and a gorgeous view of Austin’s hills.


Our new entry-way with Jeannie ready to greet you in front of an awesome, textured back wall and VisionWeb sign. 


These bubble mirrors bring a little pop to the awesome lime green walls!



We've got new meeting rooms from small to large, this one just happens to be our favorite!



Our team likes to work where there is a lot of natural sunlight. It's a good thing we have an office with plenty of windows!


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