How Uprise Helps Achieve Near Contactless Exams

There’s a new age in eye exams - the contactless exam. The pandemic has accelerated this by as much as 700 percent, according to some estimates. This trend has been fueled by greater patient acceptance of the efficacy of video visits, the relaxing of regulatory restrictions on its use, increased payments to health care providers for remote visits and the ongoing need for social distancing. And it can allow people with mobility or health issues to safely get the care they need.

Tele-optometry and contactless exams aims to remove major barriers in accessibility, bridging the gap in service delivery by enabling optometrists to reach patients from remote and/or underserved areas. Tele-optometry offers a solid solution to the ongoing issue of a healthcare professional shortage. It allows patients access to necessary vision interventions and advanced diagnostic tools that can reduce the overall healthcare cost. These are only just a few of the benefits, let’s take a look at what patients can expect from these exams below.

Tele-optometry Technology

Telehealth visits are now a part of the norm in pptometry. Uprise comes equipped with telehealth capabilities making remote visits a seamless part of your workflow. With Uprise telehealth you can start seeing your patients remotely as seamlessly as possible.

Uprise Features that Promote Low-Contact Exams


  1. Appointment Types - Customize appointment types to manage video or two-way audio/visual appointments (i.e. telehealth patient portal, telehealth Skype).
  2. Document Types - Easily store and access images or videos in Uprise from telehealth services.
  3. Patient Portal - Patients can send messages and attachments from the portal to Uprise in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner. 
  4. Automated Coding - Auto populate required billing codes during telehealth exams.
  5. Patient Education - Send patients educational content directly to the patient portal or an email.
  6. EHR Templates - Customize exam content to support documentation. Treatment Code Mapping functionality assists with rapid documentation of patient education and orders.
  7. Place of Service - You can change the place of service on the claim within our PM system.
  8. Modifiers - When you bundle with our RCM services, code modifiers are reviewed by our team of billing experts.

Uprise EHR & PM utilizes advancements in technology to help improve the efficiency of optometric and ophthalmic tools and replicate a comprehensive on-site in-person exam with a remotely optometrist.

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