How Uprise Helps Accomplish Medical Exams

Uprise EHR & PM bundled with VisionWeb's billing team provides full functionality that accomplishes medical exams. From check-in to the back office, Uprise EHR was designed to streamline your workflow so you can focus more on patient care.

For Dr. Leslie O’Dell, and many optometrists alike, the different features of Uprise made it simple for her and her entire staff to focus on her patients, build her practice, and grow her revenue. In this blog, we will explore the features that helped O’Dell and many other OD’s accomplish successful medical exams with Uprise EHR.

Set Yourself up for Success with Medical Exams and Billing

Dr. Leslie O'Dell uses Uprise to support her influential medical-only practice. She says, "Uprise has been a critical piece of the puzzle for successfully starting this first practice cold. The customization and functionality have helped us scale our medical side as we build our patient base." What features is Dr. O’Dell referring to? Let’s take a look.

Staff Educatione16d06b7516cfb2a14e3e001295a14aa

Providing your staff with ample education will help streamline your practice’s workflow. Staff involved with wellness screening and other services through Uprise EHR carry on the voice of the OD throughout your practice. This is a huge benefit because staff will know how to ask the right questions when they have visibility into the patient’s entire medical history through Uprise’s patient portal. EHR systems that utilize a patient portal to give your patients access to education materials, specifically for their condition, are going to be useful for everyone.

Customizable Questionnaires

Uprise EHR automatically sends questionnaires to the patient 3 days before the visit. The questionnaires are customizable and you can import all the data directly into the exam which saves time and gives you a sneak peek into what’s ahead. Additionally, staff can pull prescriptions directly into a chart so OD’s have visibility into the patient’s medical history and can provide care appropriately. These questionnaires allow you to gain insights into the complete medical history of your patient, and you can provide quality care as result. This was especially useful for Dr. O’Dell because she realized when a clinical finding is entered in the chart, it automatically carries through the assessment and treatment plan section. The templates allowed her to easily link billing codes common for that office visit and simplify the check-out process.

Practice Builder

There are several  “practice builders” in Uprise EHR that will help increase your ROI. Uprise EHR opens the door to more services so you can get more revenue. One of these services is devoted to contact lenses. Uprise EHR has over 410,000 contact lenses with parameters built into the software so OD’s don’t have to look up parameters. Additionally, the software also includes special testing and services such as tear eye Mallory exam layouts built into the software with CPT codes attached. This not only streamlines your practice but makes it more efficient. Furthermore, you also have the capability to upload images so you look at the patient as a whole in one place, graphs built into Uprise EHR to look at data points and trends. 

Uprise EHR software has several patient touch points to make your job more efficient, and provide better quality care. Through videos, portals, telehealth exam templates, and more, Uprise is a robust, server-based software that helps facilitate changes quickly and effectively so you can run a successful eyecare practice.

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Editor's note: This blog was originally written July 2021 and updated March 2023.

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