Case Study: An EHR Built for a Growing Medical Practice

Dr. Leslie O'Dell's long-term goal is to transform the profession by moving away from a refractive-based model and helping ODs practice to the full extent of their licensure to provide the important medical eyecare services patients need. Long-term, her practice’s experience is helping to pave the way for future MOA franchise locations and how they can leverage the Uprise EHR and Practice Management platform to maximize their effectiveness.

Short-term, Uprise has been a critical piece of the puzzle for successfully starting Dr. O'Dell's first practice cold. The customization and functionality helped her scale their medical side as they build their patient base.

How Dr. O'Dell Accomplishes Medical Exams with EHR Software

Untitled design (49)Customization is Key

Dr. O'Dell had the opportunity to practice in a variety of settings that all employed EHR systems, including hospitals, an integrated MD/OD practice, and a private OD group setting. All the platforms were different, however, the common theme among them all was a lack of customization. Her practice was changing the mold of optometry to being medical-based, so they need a platform that adapted to their needs quickly. Uprise provided customization which was imperative to practicing medical optometry.

Devices & Doctor Referrals Made Simple

Medical device integrations were a key attribute critical to O'Dell's selection of the Uprise platform. Not only that, but secure messaging and e-faxing are ideal for communicating doctor or hospital referrals. Inlcuding this in O'Dell's system allowed her practice to grow immensely.

Efficient Medical Exams & Training

Let’s face it – all change is challenging, but changing an EHR can really be a daunting endeavor. Fear of lost time and revenue due to staff training and transfer of data for continuity of care can be intimidating. However, O'Dell states, "the Uprise implementation team was outstanding by troubleshooting immediately, providing the much-needed guidance, and walking us through solutions to challenges large and small. Also, it was ideal that we had time to build staff familiarity with the system before we opened our doors."

Read Dr. O'Dell's full case study here:

Dr. O'Dell Case Study

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