Enhance Patient Care with Your EHR Software

Providing quality patient care is at the core of what ODs do. In fact, every optometry practice’s main focus should be to provide the highest level of patient care possible. One great way to ensure you’re meeting a patient's expectations consistently over time is with EHR software.

In an article from the Review of Optometric Business, Ian Lane discusses how modern practice management and EHR software like Uprise can adapt to your practice needs, your workflow, and your desire to enhance the level of patient care by eliminating repetitive data entry, leveraging a patient portal and closing the communication loops between your practice, patients, and other healthcare providers. This blog is an excerpt from that article.

3 Ways to Enhance Patient Care in your Eyecare Practice

Save Workflow Time With Less Data EntryiStock-1193121403

Manually inputting data is one of the most time-consuming, and not to mention bothersome, tasks of a patient visit. Using an EHR system to take the important data from one field, and populate it into similar fields, will help reduce data entry responsibilities, and will ensure the data is accurately recorded and displayed across the patient profile. While you’re saving workflow time from less data entry, you will be able to communicate with your patients in the exam room by using a tablet and stylus instead of being glued to a desktop monitor across the room. This way patients will see you are giving them your full attention and are committed to their health.

Use Patient Portals to Effectively Communicate

There's no such thing as too much communication in an eyecare practice. Great communication will help your patient feel more at ease and confident that you and your staff are on the same page with their care. Uprise’s comprehensive patient portal allows you to collect patient information before the exam, pull their historical health information into your patient’s record, and share education materials with the patient through a secure online channel before and after the in-office encounter. This streamlines communication and allows the patient to have full transparency into their patient visit.

Share Education Materials

High-qualitpatient education materials increase patient compliance, save doctors time explaining routine procedures and answering common questions, and can even improve your practice's reputation and referrals. With an EHR solution, you have access to hundreds of educational materials you can send your patients a copy of the material through the patient portal so they can access it later. Patients will be thankful for the efforts you made to make sure they are well-informed about their health and are more likely to refer you to other patients. 

Click the link below to learn more about Uprise's Patient Portal and how it will help you enhance patient care in your eyecare practice:

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