Case Study: How Dr. Sako’s EHR Saves Time & Spurs Growth

With a mission to improve quality of life by providing the finest vision care for all ages, Dr. Sako requires robust practice management and EHR software that will renew his workflow and allow him to meet his patient’s needs. 

In order to fulfill Dr. Sako’s mission to provide the best vision care for his three-location practice in Orange County, California, Dr. Sako relies on the efficiencies and capabilities of Uprise. Uprise is intuitively designed for the entire patient journey to go smoothly from start to finish. This allows Dr. Sako to step back from his role as a business owner and manager, and focus on his mission to improve the quality of life in his community.

Keep reading to understand Dr. Sako’s practice pain points and his EHR journey.

How Uprise Saves Time & Spurs Growth

What is Uprise?

Uprise is cloud-based with built-in patient education, frame data management, and patient communication tools. It betters organization, efficiency, and the potential to grow more quickly. Additionally, the online training portal helps save time in onboarding new hires, which can be a big hurdle for many practices, including Dr. Sako’s. With Uprise, Dr. Sako can now collect money faster, enter jobs quicker and more efficiently, and keep the day moving smoother than other systems he has used in the past.

The Uprise Journey

Before a patient has an appointment, Dr. Sako’s practice can send pre-appointment questionnaires and have the patient data automatically uploaded into the EHR to reduce data entry and shorten exam times. On top of that, Dr. Sako’s practice can automatically upload new forms into the patient’s file and reduce staff time spent inputting data and manually scanning signed documents. Patients can also use the patient portal to securely message the office and locate their prescriptions remotely, which is a helping hand for the FTC final contact lens ruling.

During the patient’s exam, there are several functionalities Dr. Sako utilizes to make communication easy for the entire staff. Features include making changes to the patient’s demographics during check-in, tracking the patient through their entire visit with the appointment status drop-down feature, checking which rooms are occupied and available, and utilizing the copy forward option for common codes and view summaries of each category like trends, charts, and history of Rx. Dr. Sako can also send over patient education and prescriptions easily through the patient portal, so the patient always has access to them.

After the appointment, Dr. Sako’s practice has the capability to link Uprise with CLX, and VisionWeb’s ordering system to process orders quickly and minimize double entry and order errors. Under one login, they can track statuses, add vendors, create special discounts and upload frames into our database. They can also customize the system to their specific dispensary needs, and use the claim-tracking feature to see the full history of claims.

Read Dr. Sako’s full case study below to see how he saves time and spurs growth with Uprise:

Sako Case Study

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