Live Webinar: The 101 on Credentialing

Evidenced by the popularity of TED talks and interview panels at events, most of us enjoy listening to subject matter experts discuss their expertise. Not only do we get to learn from these discussions, but we can feel comfortable that the information we're consuming is accurate.
Now how can you apply that to the eyecare industry? A panel-style webinar, of course. That's why we decided to pool the resources of three insurance experts who have worked in the eyecare industry for decades to bring you "Ask an Expert: Eyecare Credentialing 101". We'll hold the webinar live at 6:30pm CST on November 17th, 2021

Ask an Expert about Medical Credentialing

What's the difference between credentialing and payer enrollment? What information do you need to start enrollment? How long does it take? How does it affect your bottom line?

Jerry Godwin and Heidi Henderson from OMS and OMS-1st Credentialing and Shane Shepherd from VisionWeb will share their experience in eyecare to make sure you're prepared to get set up with insurance payers and manage your revenue cycle. We've had Jerry Godwin write a few blogs for us in the past on accounts receivable and insurance verification and credentialing.

With their combined knowledge, they will also answer any and all questions that come up during the presentation. Opening a new location? Adding a new provider to your Tax ID? Purchasing a practice? They've got answers for many common scenarios.

Register for the webinar at this link.

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