Are You Falling in Love with EHR Software this Valentine's Day?

Falling in love: we all do it at least once in our lives. Finding the perfect EHR software for your practice is a lot like finding your soulmate, it takes time and effort, but once you find it, nothing can stand in your way. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we encourage you to take a break and enjoy looking at the 7 (funny) stages of falling in love...with your EHR software that is!

The 7 Stages of Falling in Love with Your EHR Software

Stage 1: You're Single and Ready to Mingle

Easy_AYou've ditched your out-of-date practice software and you're ready for something new. Let the searching begin!

Stage 2: Dates Dates Dates!


Cue a series of EHR demos. This is pretty much the equivalent of awkward blind dates. When demoing software, remember to pay attention to how you see the software fitting into you and your staff's every day tasks in the office. You should be able to take full advantage of your new software.

Stage 3: Online Stalking


Admit it; we've all online stalked a crush to find out information about them, and the same goes for EHR systems. This stage is spent browsing the software's website and other online reviews to find out everything you possibly can before making the big decision! While you're doing your stalking, download this shopping kit to help you evaluate each of your options!

Stage 4: Love at First Sight


After searching relentlessly, you finally come across an EHR software that seems perfect. It almost makes you actually believe in love at first sight!

Stage 5: New Relationship Butterflies


You've found the software that is right for you, and you couldn't be happier. The newness! The excitement of what is to come! You can hardly contain yourself!

Stage 6: Building


Sure there might be some minor struggles during this stage, but it is the most important step in any relationship. You spend this time really getting to know your new software, and how to implement it into your practive. Be patient, it is worth the hard work!

Stage 7: Unstoppable


There is nothing better than the perfect match. Once you fall in love with your EHR software, nothing can stop you! Can you say "power couple"?

Still looking for the perfect match for your practice? Download our evaluation kit to help you fall in love with the right software!

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