Give Your Opticians Time to Increase Sales with The Right EHR Software

We've been doing a series of posts to show eyecare practices how Uprise will benefit every member of their staff. We've already talked about what your optical techs, billers, and office managers will love and today we want to show you just why your opticians will be excited about the system too. 

The system was made for optometrists, but that doesn't mean we left out the rest of your staff. Your opticians play such an important role in driving sales in your practice and the easier you can make their job the greater your profits will be. Let's take a look at a few of the things your opticians will be loving with Uprise.

These EHR Software Features will Free Up Time for Your Opticians 

Less Data EntryEHR Software

The more data entry your opticians have to do will take time, and the data is more prone to human error. With Uprise, when an OD performs a contact refraction, the diameter and base curve prepopulate based on what's available with the specific product for a patient. And, creating an Rx order is simple. The prescription comes over from the OD electronically so all the optician has to do is frame styling.

Optical Dashboard

From the Optical Dashboard screen your opticians will be able to view the current status of jobs in process, and see what is waiting for pick up. That way they aren't wasting time looking up orders individually. Having an easy to access summary makes it easier for your opticians to stay on top of their jobs. 

Frames Data Integration

This integration is a great tool for your opticians. They'll get a direct connection to the Frames Data database and frame information will automatically be updated in the system daily. You'll also be able to document the frames you carry in your practice during set up and custom frame catalogs can be imported into the system with no manual entry needed. This will help give your team more time to spend with your patients and less time manually tracking your inventory. And, with the Frames Data online log in you can search for frames to meet the needs of your most picky patients.

Import Orders

Your team will be able to save more time by importing and duplicating Rx orders, or they'll be able to import the frame and lens type into a new Rx.

Quick Ordering

Placing orders should be made as easy as possible for your opticians. With Uprise, VisionWeb's ordering solution is built right into the system and sending an order it as easy as pressing a button. Your team should never have to pick up the phone to call the lab. They'll be able to see everything within the order history and track jobs as each stage in the lab's process. Finishing out the workflow once the job comes back from the lab can all be documented with a click in the patient's order.

Quantity on Hand View

The quantity on hand view let's you easily see in real-time what's available in your dispensary. As you receive new products and make sales it's automatically updated for you! 

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