Improve Practice Management Using What You Learned at Vision Expo East


Another year of Vision Expo East has come and passed. If you attended the
tradeshow this year, we know you most likely gained a ton of information on all types of industry products, and maybe even made some big purchases, like new EHR software. You’re back in your practice now and maybe feeling overwhelmed with the information and new products you might have gained, wondering how you are going to implement eveything into your practice. That's why we'd like to share with you 4 eBooks that can help you use all of your new products and knowledge successfully to improve your overall practice efficiency, and get the most out of your money!

4 eBooks to Help You Make the Most of Your New Practice Management Knowledge

practice management resources

1. If you're faced with several software options, and need help deciding which one to choose:

Selecting a Practice Management & EHR Solution (The Ultimate Guide for Optometry)

You probably got a lot of information about the different practice management and EHR technology that is available to you, and might be wondering how you’ll ever choose just one solution. Our buying guide walks you through each step involved in selecting new software for your practice. You’ll start by assessing your practice’s unique needs, then learn about the different types of technology available, and finally evaluate your options. This eBook includes templates for you to fill out along the way to help you discover the best fit for you.

2. If you purchased new software and now need help implementing it in your practice:

EHR Implementation: The Ultimate Guide to Change Management

You may have thought that once you finally picked an EHR software, the hard part was over, but implementation doesn't come easy. Our implementation guide has everything you need to successfully implement new software into your practice. From preparing your staff for the change to reaching your goals, the interactive kit included in this eBook has your back throughout the entire journey.

3. If you want to compare your practice's workflow and efficiency to the industry:

8 Benchmarks ODs Need to Monitor in Their Practice

You most likely did some networking at Vision Expo, exchanged ideas, and now you want to see how your practice compares to the rest of the industry. Our benchmark eBook will show you how to calculate eight different measures in your practice, and explain what the numbers tell you about your workflow and efficiency. You’ll also gain insight to the industry standards, and learn how you can improve your numbers. This eBook is complete with a formula cheat sheet and Excel file download if you need some help crunching the numbers.

4. If you're wanting to use what you learned at Vision Expo East to improve your overall workflow:

Practice Efficiency: Optimizing Your Workflow with Optometry Software

We are sure you picked up ideas on how to improve your workflow at the show, but figuring out the best way to use those ideas can sometimes be tricky. Our workflow eBook walks you through five areas of your practice, from the front office to the billing process, and explains how you can improve in each area by taking full advantage of your optometry software. We’ve even included a workflow kit to help you discover your practice’s needs and track your progress.

Now that you have all the references you need to put all your new resources to good use, it is time to get to work!

How can your practice management improve? Download our latest eBook to find out!


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