Infographic: Reward Optical Practice Employees Without Spending a Dime

We recently talked about how to deal with high staff turnover in your optical practice. Employee engagement and recognition play a big role in helping combat turnover. Instituting an employee reward and recognition program is one easy way you can build a positive atmosphere in your office and increase your employee engagement.

Staff members who receive regular recognition and praise are more likely to:

  • Increase their own personal productivity
  • Increase engagement among their coworkers
  • Stay with the practice longer
  • And receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from patients

You may think that annual bonuses and/or raises are the only way to provide this recognition, but that isn't the case. We found a great infographic from Officevibe that lists out 20 compelling ways to reward employees without spending any additional cash. 

How to Reward Employees in Your Optical Practice without Spending More Money



Looking for more tips to increase your staff's happiness and create a better office atmosphere? Check out our complete guide to staff management in your eyecare practice.


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