NEW WEBINAR: Turn Your Denials to Dollars

When your claims are denied, it's easy to grow frustrated if the error or solution aren't obvious. However, it's worth your time and energy to fix denied claims, document the process, and reduce your denial rate for the future. 

Let us help you review your workflow, identify your common denial reasons, provide our flowchart of solutions, and get money into your practice's pocket.

Shane Shepherd, our Sr. Insurance Sales Manager, will answer your most urgent insurance questions and host our live webinar, Denials to Dollars, on April 5th at 12pm CST. Register for the webinar.

Don't Miss Out on Insurance Reimbursements

Claimy-denials-to-dollarsWe'll help you focus on your insurance reimbursements through the prevention of insurance claim errors and the prospect of outsourcing. 

Register for our Webinar: Turn Your Denials to Dollars if you find yourself wondering how your denials are affecting your practice's workflow and profit flow.

We'll go over the following: 

  • Importance of Pulling Benefits Ahead of Appointments
  • Common Claim Denials and How to Fix Them
  • Understanding the Scope of Denials in Your Practice
  • How Outsourcing Claim Management Reduces Denial Rate



Register now for the live webinar on April 5th, 2019 at 12pm CST.


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