Video: Gaining Confidence with the Medical Model

Medical exams are on the rise. Did you know it’s estimated that nearly 10,000 Americans are turning 65 per day? This number is extremely significant in eyecare because it is going to rapidly increase the number of medical exams needed. Not only that, but with practices needing to expand profits outside of their optical dispensary, the comprehensive medical exam is becoming an attractive option.

In this frank conversation, Dr. Krassin and Dr. O'Dell discuss how they implement the medical model, how to charge patients, and what documenting and exam tools make their lives easier.

Excerpt from OD Boot Camp to Expanding Scope & Profit

Organizations like Medical Optometry America move away from a refractive-based model and help ODs practice the full extent of their licensure to provide the important medical eyecare services patients need. From educating your patients on the benefits of dilation to understanding the return on investment of medical exams, Dr. Krassin and Dr. O'Dell will show you where to start. 

In the full video they discuss the following:

  • Why medical optometry is necessary today
  • How to start providing medical exams
  • The ROI of medical exams
  • Necessary tools & software


Uprise EHR & PM bundled with VisionWeb's billing team provides the full functionality discussed in the video above. Dr. Leslie O'Dell uses Uprise to support her influential medical-only practice. She says, "Uprise has been a critical piece of the puzzle for successfully starting this first practice cold. The customization and functionality have helped us scale our medical side as we build our patient base."

To watch the rest of the conversation, access the full boot camp here:

5 Step OD Boot Camp

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