Features of Future-Proofed Technology in 2021

The eyecare industry is evolving, and a large component of this changing landscape has to deal with the advancements in technology. In our 5 Step OD Boot Camp, we outline ways to expand your scope and profit while adapting to the changes in the industry. Our last step, future-proofing technology, is arguably the most critical piece to this puzzle.

Customizable software is critical for the future of your eyecare practice. Customizing your treatment templates, patient intake forms, and pivoting the functionality of your practice can help you scale your medical side, senior patient care, dispensary, and claim filing. Now more than ever is the time to have the right EHR and PM tool to make sure your eyecare practice technology is ready for the future.

EHR Functionalities and PM Tools Your Eyecare Practice Can’t Live Without

      1. Treatment Code MappingDemo page software

Accelerate your charting in the SOAP method by only documenting your exam findings and allowing the fully customizable Treatment Code Mapping to populate ICD-10 codes and treatment plans based on each problem’s severity.

       2.  Patient Portal

Provide a robust fully customizable patient portal where it replaces all paper intake forms, includes patient lifestyle questions, and gives patients a HIPAA compliant method to communicate with your practice.

       3.   ePrescribing

Save 10-15 minutes of med entry and automatically pull and print a list of your patient’s medications and view flags of dangerous drug interactions in real-time. Manage your patients' medications safely and more efficiently than with paper. Send error-free, electronic prescriptions to retail pharmacies through the Surescript network.

       4. Claims Management

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5 Step OD Boot Camp

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