New Resource: 5 Step OD Boot Camp to Expand Your Scope & Profit

We all know the eyecare landscape is evolving. From emerging medical devices to expanding care for our aging population and migrating products online, there’s no doubt the eyecare industry has seen some major changes and will continue to see even more in the future. 

OD’s are facing immense pressure to adapt to this new landscape, but we developed this boot camp to help your eyecare practice position itself to meet these changes head-on. Optometrists and eyecare leaders provide actionable advice through videos, infographics, interviews, and articles to expand the scope and profit in your eyecare practice. Launch the boot camp here.

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The 5 steps in our boot camp were chosen to guarantee your eyecare practice won’t skip a beat. Expanding your practice and providing new types of patient care help you stay ahead of the latest shift in the industry.

We wanted to make sure your duties as a business owner wouldn't overshadow your role as a practicing OD, therefore we made sure our boot camp was well-researched, backed up by statistics, and only included expert knowledge from eyecare professionals.  

Our 5 Step Boot Camp includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Embracing the Medical Model
  • Step 2: Expanding Care to Senior Patients
  • Step 3: Focusing on Claim Reimbursements
  • Step 4: Leveling up your Dispensary
  • Step 5: Future-Proofing Technology

Check out our 5 Step OD Boot Camp to Expand Your Scope & Profit here:

5 Step OD Boot Camp

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