Optometric Practice Tips To Streamline Front Office Efficiency

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Fri, Aug 18, 2017 @ 19:08 PM

Your front office has to multitask to get the work done that they need to. Unfortunately, multitasking doesn’t work, and may produce lower quality work. Because most optometric practices lack the technology and processes to streamline the office workflow effectively, they often have to resort to multitasking, which takes your front office staff's focus away from the patients in the optometric practice.

Below are tips how a change in technology and procedures can improve your office workflow and shift your front office focus.

3 Optometric Practice Tips To Shift Your Front Office Focus

Let Your Patients Do The SchedulingImprove your optometric practice efficiency with these tips for the front office..

Connecting a web scheduler to your patient portal takes the burden of your front office having to field phone calls to schedule appointments. Give your patients the ability to schedule their own appointment through a patient portal. The extra time will allow your front office to pull eligibility and focus on serving the patients that are in the practice.

Capture Pre-appointment Paperwork Before

No one likes spending time in the waiting room. However, your practice is still required to collect a patient's medical and historical information to provide them with the best quality care that you can. Instead of collecting the exam material in the office the day of the appointment, make the paperwork available to the patient in the patient portal for them to fill out at when it is convenient for them.

By collecting the pre-appointment paperwork earlier, your patients can spend less time in the waiting room, and your front office wouldn’t have to manually enter the data in the computer introducing the possibilities of errors to occurring when transferring the data.

Automate Patient Recall

Creating recall cards or calling each patient to remind them of an appointment takes a lot of time, effort and money. Luckily, with a patient recall solution built into your cloud-based practice management and EHR solution your staff can set parameters that will automatically send your patient a reminder based on their preferred means of communication.

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