Case Study: What Dr. Morrow Did When Her Biller Quit Unexpectedly

When Dr. Erika Morrow was starting her new eyecare practice, she was living in every OD's worst nightmare because her biller quit one day before she opening. She soon realized her accounts receivable was growing rapidly, and she needed help from someone who knew what they were doing. 

Morrow remembered a conversation she had when she first opened with her consultants at iCare Advisors. They had a program in place for their cold start clients with VisionWeb’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. As soon as she remembered this, she began working with VisionWeb’s RCM team right away. 

How Dr. Morrow Achieved Immediate Improvements and Tremendous Value From VisionWeb's RCM Service

landing pages (19)Immediate Improvements

In retrospect, Dr. Morrow wishes she would have made the move to VisionWeb's RCM service from the start because she saw an immediate $10,000 increase in revenue in the first month. She was able to find a steady and efficient workflow with VisionWeb's RCM team and her front staff which allowed her eyecare practice to stay ahead of aging ARs and identify problems much earlier.

Tremendous Value

The VisionWeb RCM team helped her on-site staff understand the process better than she could, and when problems arise, she doesn't have to interpret what to say. The RCM team understands the issues inside and out and mitigates problems better than Dr. Morrow or an in-office biller could. 

Leave it to the Pros

Billing isn't Dr. Morrow's forte, nor does she want it to be. “I only know as much as I know,” she says. She gladly hired VisionWeb RCM to handle both medical and vision claims. Now, Dr. Morrow can successfully run her practice and go home at night without having to deal with the headaches of billing.

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Dr. Morrow's Case Study

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