Practice Management for Optometrists: Transforming Your Workflow


How’s your office running these days? Are you utilizing practice management for optometrists? Take a moment to think about the number of individual processes it takes for you to complete your workflow.

Improving Your Workflow With Practice Management for Optometrists

If you’re the type of doctor who moves around from exam room to exam room often, then you know that logging in and out of your EHR software every single time can get pretty old. And if your way of keeping track of patient records consists of a complicated system of paper and electronic health records, you may be doing way more work than you actually have to. Or if you find yourself spending more time on the phone trying to place ophthalmic orders instead of conducting exams, it may be time to look for some workflow help.

We know that because each practice is different in the way that they run things, that they each require different tweeks in their software to make it their own. The good news is that most, if not all, of your practice workflow problems can be solved by switching to a different, more flexible practice managPractice Management for Optometristsement for optometrists.

You may be apprehensive to think that all of your problems can be solved by one simple solution – but you’ll never know if you don’t try! By evaluating new types of practice management software, you’re allowing yourself to explore opportunities that could improve the way your practice runs.

With a more improved and tailored practice management system, if you find that you're running from room to room you can ditch the desktop and switch to a tablet instead. This way, you don't have to waste time logging in and out. On top of this, you can experience a more organized, and less cluttered office by finding a system that commits only to electronic health records. And with integrated ordering tools, phone calls to place orders will no longer be a part of your workflow. Your time is better used with your patients.

Maybe you've got your workflow down to an artform. But just because you think your workflow is efficient doesn’t mean that it’s perfect! Keep an open mind when thinking about how your software impacts your workflow – you may be surprised to find holes or places that could use improvement!

Workflow efficiency can be tough without a guide. So, we've made one for you.

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