Top 2017 Eye Care Industry Reads From The Uprise Blog

After the busy holiday season, it’s nice to sit back with family and friends to relax, binge-watch TV, or sit by the fire and read articles from around the eye care industry. If you’re finding it difficult to select your next optometry read, check out the top 7 posts from the Uprise blog.

7 Top Read Eye Care Industry Posts of 2017 From UpriseCheck out the top read eye care industry blog post of 2017 from Uprise

6 Steps to Prevent Employee Burn-out in Your Optometric Practice

The last few months have probably been busy with patients attempting to get on your schedule to use their vision benefits before they expire for the year. Early mornings, late evenings, and patient no-shows can take a toll on you and your optometric staff. This post provides six tips to prevent burn-out in your optometric practice.

The Four Ways Your Optometric Practice Is Being Disrupted By Eyeglass Retailers

Over the last couple of years, online retailers have challenged the eye care industry to think differently by altering the way consumers purchase frames. This post offers tips for dealing with the optometric practice disrupters.

The Difference of Working in a One-door vs. Two-door State

Is your state a one-door or a two-door state? This question has created a lot of confusion and resulted in back and forth debates on social media groups. While there are benefits to working in both types of settings, this post provides a quick overview of the two classifications and offers a list for reference.

Optometric Practice Tips: 14 Things You Can Do While You Wait On Patients

You and your staff work hard to fill each time slot on your schedule. Unfortunately, there are times where your patients keep you waiting. As frustrating as it may be, you can benefit from those late patients. Check out this list of things to do while you wait on your patients.

10 Ways to Elevate Employees in Your Eyecare Practice

Running a successful optometric practice is a challenge. In addition to maintaining a high quality of patient care and managing the business side of the practice you have to ensure that your staff is happy to keep turnover rates down. Unfortunately, sometimes the task of maintaining employee happiness gets put on the backburner. This post provides 10 ideas to help keep the staff in your optometric practice happy.

Demystifying Corporate Optometry Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding corporate optometry that has damaged the reputation and resulted in eyecare professionals avoiding the corporate setting. But, corporate optometry can be a successful option for eye care professionals just starting out or ODs who want to try something different.

In this post, Dr. Maria Sampalis of Sampalis Eyecare and Corporate ODs on Facebook debunks three common myths in corporate optometry.

3 Fundamental Metrics To Measure Optometric Practice Growth

As 2017 winds down, taking a moment to measure your optometric practice metrics will help you identify areas where you can improve in 2018. Use the tips in this post the measure your optometric practice growth in 2017.

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