Uprise is MIPS 2019 Certified

Is your eyecare practice ready to comply with regulatory changes in 2019? If you qualify for MIPS, you need software that can ease the process of attesting. Uprise EHR and Practice Management software insures your compliance with MIPS rules so that your practice's staff doesn't have to memorize the maze of regulations.

We automate the compliance process so that you can focus on patient care. Read on to learn more about how you can prepare your practice for MIPS in 2019 with Uprise.

Why You Need MIPS Certified Optometry Software

Now 2015 Edition CertifiedIf your optometric practice bills $90k or more, have 200 beneficiaries, or have 200 provider services, you can opt-in to attest. Your practice's search rankings, Medicare business, and Healthgrades score could be influenced negatively if you choose to opt-out. 

Unfortunately, most other practice management and EHR solutions aren’t 2015 Drummond certified, a QPP requirement to participate in MIPS in the coming year. Uprise not only provides Hands-free MIPS but is also 2015 Drummond certified, which enables you to participate and profit from MIPS. The 2015 certification also:

  • Improves interoperability
  • Facilitates the accessibility and exchange of data
  • Ensures relevant privacy and security capabilities
  • Improves patient safety

We're here with you every step of the way to insure that you don't miss out on potential profit in 2019.

 Watch our MIPS 2019 webinar to hear from an OD on how MIPS will change your practice and what you need to know in preparation.



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