Why All Claim Management Solutions Aren't Created Equal

Claim management solution providers may seem like they are the same, but when you tune out all of the noise and focus on what’s really being offered, that’s when you uncover what sets a superior provider apart from an average provider.

Because insurance claims are an important component to your optical practice’s revenue generation, you need to select a claim management solution that will maximize your claim reimbursements without adding to your biller's workload.

Below are the key differentiators that lead to a superior clearinghouse solution.

What Makes a Claim Management Solution Superior

Claim Scrubbing Capabilities What makes the best claim management solution? Find out here

Many claim management solutions offer similar scrubbing capabilities, but the providers that offer more out of the box scrubbing capabilities, like checking for LCD and NCD compliance, will result in a higher first pass acceptance rate. This will reduce work and help you get paid faster.


No one, not even the person developing the software, is an expert. It should be expected that there are questions on how to do something or why something isn’t working as intended. This is why it’s vital that your claim management solution has a first-in-class support structure available to field your questions and help you get back to your main focus; seeing patients and collecting reimbursements.

Productivity Tools

Your rejected claims need to be worked and new claims need to be cleaned and submitted. The rate in which your biller is receiving rejected claims and new claims can result in a claim backlog. To help your biller focus on what’s important, you need to give them productively tools to make their job easier.

Some claim management solutions provide workflow features so you biller can focus on the claims you want them to work on. Other productivity tools that your biller would benefit from include an ERA dashboard and auto-posting capabilities.

For more tips to strengthen your claim management practices, download this guide to correcting common claim filing errors.

Get Your Guide to Common Claim Filing Denials

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