Your Options For Cashing In On Electronic Claims

Managing electronic claims requires a balance among the biller, the process, and the solution used to connect the two. For optometric practices, simultaneously managing vision and medical claims effectively has become more important as the difficulty to sell frames hinders the ability to make a profit from your optical dispensary. However, an imbalance among biller, the claim lifecycle, and the clearinghouse solution could threaten your practice’s ability to capitalize on your insurance claims and cause you to write off more than needed.

While dedicated Clearinghouse solutions and Revenue Cycle Management services exist for the optometric industry, understanding the difference between the two offerings and which offering (if any) makes the most sense in your practice can help you maximize your claim reimbursements.

To help guide you towards a solution that best meets your practice’s requirements, we’ve put together the chart that lists the advantages and drawbacks of the options.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Claims Management Methods

Pros and Cons of Electronic Claims Management Methods

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