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Posted by Sharon Chin on Thu, Jan 29, 2015 @ 11:01 AM

If your practice is experiencing a low optical capture rate, it could be because you haven’t spent enough time organizing your frame displays and selection. Display merchandising is very important in keeping your frame sales up. Effective frame displays engage your customers to make a purchase and gives your practice some personality in décor! We know that not all of us have the eye for design, and your practice might not have the budget to hire a professional service to revamp your practice space. So today, we’ll show you some quick tips on visual merchandising to boost your eyecare practice marketing!

Eyecare Practice Marketing Tips on Eyewear Display

Eyecare_marketing_tips_display_-_CopyThere are 2 main things you want to consider when displaying your frames: organization and security.

Organization: There are a couple of ways you can organize your frame selection. Common ways include organizing by style, gender, age, and brands. A fun way to help your customers pick out a style is by featuring a section of your display on popular, or best-selling frames. Keeping up with current trends is important when purchasing your frames and you can pick a frame or two that is expected to be trendy this season to feature. A great resource to check out for frame fashion trends is Eyecessorize and their blog!

Sunglasses can also be a featured item. Most patients come in for glasses, but sunglasses aren’t just side sales. Magic Design advises, “If you want to make a difference in your bottom line sales of sunglasses, you must make a difference in the way you show your sunglass merchandise. Create a “sunglass boutique” area in one corner of your dispensary. Use wood flooring or other complementary floor treatment to set apart this “boutique”."

Security: Name brand eyewear can get expensive and can be an easy target for shoplifters. When displaying your eyewear, you also want to organize it in a way that prevents shoplifting. Some practices are not fans of a lock display because it looks uninviting and might take the opticians too much time locking and unlocking the case whenever a patient wants to try something on. An alternative is to simply put expensive eyewear closer to the front desk where your receptionist is always stationed and can keep an eye out on patients browsing through eyewear.

So you think you’re ready to start reorganizing your eyewear display? Our friends at the Optical Vision Site have a couple of Pinterest boards that might give you a little inspiration.Feel free to check out the following boards:

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