Why Optical Labs Don't Want to Be on the Phone with You

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Tue, Jan 13, 2015 @ 10:01 AM

It's 2015, and this year optical labs want you to get the memo to ditch
phone and fax ordering, and startoptical labs ordering submitting your product orders online. Don't worry, it's not just a good thing for the labs - there are benefits of online ordering for your practice too! In a survey conducted last year the top three reasons that eyecare providers order their products online were because of time savings, ease of use, and reduced errors in their orders.

To make your life even easier online, instead of hopping around from one lab's website to the next to place all of your orders you can use an online ordering tool that connects you with all of your labs in one easy location. That way your staff only has to learn how to use one system, and you'll save time having access to all your orders in one spot!

Why You Should Skip Phone Calls with Your Optical Labs

Phone Orders = More Mistakes

61% of eyecare providers agree that an order placed over the phone is more likely to have errors than an order placed online!

If you're submitting orders to your labs over the phone or fax machine you're increasing the chance for errors on your orders. How so? You're transferring information from person to person where it's a lot more likely to produce an error with the transcribing of information across mediums. It's likely that when you call a lab they will then enter your order information into their system manually, which is where the errors are likely to happen. Even worse, if you fax an order over they have to try and decipher handwriting, which could also lead to errors.

Wasted Time

Eyecare providers agree that it takes twice the amount of time to place an order over the phone than it does to place an order online.

As we said before, if you're phoning or faxing in orders it means that someone on the other end is taking those calls and entering the orders into the lab's system. These phone calls are taking up time for both you, and the lab. And it doesn't stop there. If you have a question on order status you're also going to have to get on another call with the lab. But, if you're ordering online you're able to check the status of your orders with a few mouse clicks!

Greater Efficiency

The same way that your practice uses a practice management system, most labs run off a lab management system. The lab's investment in these systems makes them want to get the most out of it. Orders that are placed online are submitted directly into the lab management system and by-pass any orders that are called in and have to be manually entered. So ordering online does your lab, and you, a favor!

Increased Accuracy

63% of eyecare providers say that online ordering reduces the amount of re-dos on orders.

The next best thing about orders placed online is that you're only able to place orders that each specific lab can create. Each lab manages their own catalog of products on VisionWeb, so you won't be allowed to select options for orders that the lab can't create. The tool is also hooked up with error checking features so that if you accidentally type in an illogical order, you won't be able to submit it.

If your practice is using a practice management system that integrates with the ordering tool, you can upload orders directly through the system without re-keying information. Just another way you can free up more staff time to spend with patients!

Did we mention that our ordering service is free for eyecare practices? The labs love it so much they foot the bill! Get started today!

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