How Does Optometry Software Boost Your Practice?

When it comes to your eyecare practice, everything is connected. Whether you want to increase sales in your dispensary, see more patients, or trim down on busy work, it all comes back to efficiency. And having optometry software that helps you to be more efficient and allows you to accomplish all of these things (and more), is what really elevates your practice above the competition.

Learn how good optometry software can increase your staff's productivity, your workflow, and even your revenue stream.

3 Big Ways Software Can Improve Your Practice Efficiency

Eliminate Duplicate Work

computercropped.pngOne of the biggest time wasters eyecare practice's have to deal with is duplicate data entry. Manually re-keying patient information, claims, orders, and more takes a lot of time and stalls the efficiency of your practice. But, with a practice management system, you can ensure that your staff isn’t stuck copying information from one area to another. Rather than wasting time doing duplicate work, good optometry software can pull data from different areas within the system as needed, keeping your workflow seamless and your staff focused on other things, like patient care.

For example, ordering integrations save time because the information that is already entered in your practice management system is used to create and submit orders to your suppliers within the system. There is no need to copy the information manually - which not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of typos and errors.

Get the Most from Your Practice Management System's Features

Are you using your practice management system to its full potential? You might be surprised to find that your software has more capabilities that you don't use on a regular basis. If you want to be more efficient and get the most out of your optical software, you need to use every feature and tool that you can. Go back to your user’s guide and make sure you and your staff are aware of all the different features and how to use them. If you feel there is something lacking, take note of what your software is missing so when you start to shop for a new system, you know exactly what to ask for when speaking with a vendor.

An example of a feature you may be underutlizing is batch-claim elegibility checks. Checking a patient's eligibility is faster when done through a practice management system rather than on the phone, but it can be even faster when you do them in batches. All you have to do is pull the list of scheduled patients for the next day and have the system run the checks all at once.

Track the Money

A good practice management system will come with detailed reporting and analytics features, which is critical for you to keep track of the business side of your practice. Knowing where you are missing out on profit opportunities and where you can improve has a major effect on the health of your business. By tracking and staying up-to-date on your practice metrics, you are able to make adjustments and grow your revenue.

Optometry software allows you to gather all of that relevant information in one place. For example, if you want to increase your revenue, you can pull an Aging report, which will tell you how much is owed to your practice by patients and insurance companies. From there you can quickly identify ignored claims and address outstaning issues to collect that money.

Having the right optometry software system is a critical part of boosting your practice. But how do you know which software will help you increase your efficiency and get a leg up on the competition? You need to make sure you are asking vendors the right questions to get the answer. Download our eBook for the complete list of questions to help you make the right choice - no matter what stage of the buying journey you are in.

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