3 Important Considerations Before You Select a Cloud-based EHR

When it comes to purchasing a cloud-based EHR solution for your optometric practice, you have to ensure that you’re buying one that fits your practice needs. To start the EHR vetting process, think about the future goals you have for your practice and how the EHR solution will help you meet those goals. This post offers a few questions to ask to find the right EHR solution.

3 Questions to Finding the Cloud-based EHR For Your Practice

What Are Your Practice Needs?Before selecting a cloud-based EHR solution, ask yourself these important questions.

Before looking at vendors, you want to examine your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. When assessing your practice, think of how a cloud-based EHR solution could benefit your practice and what features you would need to achieve your goals.

You should also consider how much time you’ll allow for training and how it will affect your practice strengths. By assessing what you need from an EHR, you can begin your research to narrow down vendors and select the solution that will work best for your practice needs.

What Vendors Align with Your Needs?

There are a lot of EHR vendors out there to choose from, but selecting a cloud-based EHR vendor that meets the needs of the eyecare industry may narrow down the search. When you start looking at vendors, choose one that specializes in the eyecare industry and check their reputation, records of accomplishment, and company history. Information like this will help you determine if the team that is developing your software understands your industry’s unique needs and will stick around to help you solve problems as they arise.

Does The Software Need to be Fully Integrated?

If you have a lot of different processes to complete your office workflow, then you may need an EHR solution with embedded tools. Embedded tools in the EHR make it easier to access the software that your practice needs to run smoothly without having to switch between the application or log into multiple places. Because they are embedded into the EHR software, you also don’t have to worry about extra licensing or maintenance updates.

To help your practice in the search for a cloud-based EHR solution that is right for your practice, download this ebook full of questions that will help narrow down your search!

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