3 Practice Benefits of Replacing Paper with Optometry Software


Stop what you’re doing. This is an intervention. Your paper practices are slowing down your office workflow, costing you money, and helping no one. It’s time your practice replaced your paper methods with cloud based optometry software.

If you haven’t ditched paper already, you are probably under the impression that cloud based technology is not right for your practice. That’s fair. You know your practice better than I do. But, how much are these paper practices costing you in lost productivity and lost revenue?

Let’s look at a few ways your practice will benefit from the change.

How Cloud Based Optometry Software Can Save Your Practice Time and Money

Transfer Records Digitallycloud based optometry software

Transferring paper charts from office-to-office can get expensive and it wastes your staffs’ time. To transfer paper documents, you have a few options, you can fax, mail, or physically transport the documents yourself. All of these options cost money. And, faxed documents can be difficult to read.

Think about the times you received a fax and had to call and confirm the information. Waste of time!  

With a cloud based EHR and practice management solution, your practice can increase office productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to sort, file, find, and transfer patient information. Using cloud based optometry software, your staff can securely pass electronic health records and important patient information room-to-room or office-to-office and communicate using built-in messaging features.

Update Patient Health Records Automatically

As your patients make their way through the office workflow, your staff records and collects a large amount of data. Unfortunately, when you use paper charts, your staff spends a lot of time reentering the same information across different forms.

Using cloud based optometry software, your staff can use built-in features and embedded tools to automatically record patient information. These features include:

  • An online patient portal to capture patient health questionnaires and medical history
  • An ePrescribing tool to push and receive up-to-date patient prescription and allergy information
  • Integrations with your pre-exam technologies to store image-based documents in the patient’s electronic health records

As a bonus, when you reduce the amount of time it takes to record patient information, you speed up the office workflow to help your patient get back to their day faster. In doing this, you also increase your ability to see more patients throughout the day.

Reconcile Claims Quickly

There’s a rare chance that you’re submitting paper claims. If you are, you know the pain of dealing with adjusting the printer alignment, mailing the claim, and manually tracking they claim by calling the payer. Assuming that you mailed the claim to the correct address and there were no rejections, the processing time of the claim will take much longer than if you submitted the claim electronically.

Using optometry software to submit, track, and manage your claims electronically will help you generate more money and reconcile your claims in a timely fashion. Using a built-in claims management solution can connect you with thousands of payers and give you the ability to track the claims in real time.

Using paper in your optometric practice is inefficient and expensive. Replacing your paper practices by using cloud based optometric software can help your practice save time and money by digitally transferring health records, automatically updating patient records, and quickly reconciling insurance claims.

Cloud computing can be hard to understand--so we created a webinar from Dr. Nafey.

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