The Essential List of Questions to Ask Any Practice Management and EHR Vendor

In order to set yourself up for success when shopping for practice management and EHR software, you need to be prepared before you speak with vendors. During the buying process it can be easy to get swept away by a smooth sales person, which is why it is so important that you're asking the right questions.

That's why we've created this Essential List of Questions that you need to be asking every software vendor. It's a great resource no matter where you are in the buying journey, and will help you get some of the tough answers from vendors who might try and gloss over some of the most important details of their system.

The Questions You Should be Asking Every Practice Managementpractice management and EHR Software Vendor

This list of questions will give you everything you should be asking vendors when it comes to:

  • Technology
  • System Comprehensiveness
  • EHR
  • Tool and Integrations
  • Implementation, Training, and Support
  • Costs

Every practice is different, and there isn't one system that's going to be the right choice for everyone. Take the time to use these questions to your advantage and make sure you end up with the system that's right for your practice. 

Download the full list of questions in our ebook.

Stump Your EHR Vendor


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