4 Essential Claims Management Software Features


Not all clearinghouse solutions will give you the features you need to streamline your claims management process and maximize your claims reimbursements. To efficiently manage your claims throughout the lifecycle, your claims management software needs to provide you with these four advanced features. 

4 Features You Need from Your Claims Management Software

Advanced Scrubbing CapabilitiesDiscover the four features you need from your Claims Management Software

Most claim management software solutions offer the same basic scrubbing services. However, many of these aren’t enough to drastically minimize your rejections. A claim management solution with advance scrubbing capabilities will minimize rejections and denials by scrubbing claims on the primary and secondary levels and checking for LCD and NCD code compliance.

ERA Management Dashboard

If you’re dealing with paper EOBs, then you’re seriously delaying your practice’s ability to track rejections and generate revenue from claims. A claims management software provider with an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) management dashboard will provide you with everything you need to work your ERAs and reduce the time spent accessing multiple payers’ websites.


Manually entering payment data is a time commuting process that is susceptible to errors. When the accurate and timely posting of ERAs impacts your revenue, you want to make sure that you’re posting error-free payments quickly so you can focus on correcting and resubmitting rejected claims.

Auto-posting features in your claim management software will enable you to increase your payments while reducing the data entry work.

Claim Prioritization

Your biller already has a lot going on. With workgroups, you can prioritize the claim workflow and remove processing distractions. Streamline claims by setting up workgroups based on account, filtering criteria, and user access to keep you biller focused on the claims you want them to see.

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