5 Optometry Software Tricks that Will Save Your Staff Time


Time is a precious commodity in a busy eyecare practice. But, there are tools out there that you can arm your staff with that allows them to save time from some of their monotonous job routines, and instead lets them focus more on patients and other revenue generating activities in the practice. Today, we want to look at a few different optometry software tools and tricks that will give your staff more flexibility to perform their jobs more efficiently.

Create Job Flexibility for Your Staff with These Optometry Software Tools

Faster Billing Cycleoptometry software tools

The billing process in your practice has a direct correlation with your practice's profits. If your billing processes are inefficient, your profits could be delayed or decreased. A claims management solution that is part of your practice management and EHR software is going to allow your team to generate, submit, and monitor your billing cycle closely without leaving the software or picking up the phone. With the right tools you'll be able to increase claim acceptance and decrease billing errors - which will lead to higher reimbursements.

Taking Advantage of Automated Recall

Automated recall and reminders not only save your team time spent on the phone, but it also helps keep your schedule full. Automated recalls can be customized to reach out to patients over a set of intervals using different communication methods such as text to emails, and vice versa, until an appointment is booked. Less time on the phone will give your front desk team more time with patients in the office.  

Analyzing Reports

Built in reporting tools save you and your staff time by allowing you to quickly run operational, financial, auditing, and analysis reports to identify patterns or errors within your practice. Without access to these reports you and your team will spend more time during each appointment and closing out late payments. Being able to quickly view and manage the ins and outs of your practice will save everyone time and provide insight into how to be more efficient, and the parts of your practice you should be focusing more of your time. 


Not only does ePrescribing save you more time compared to traditional prescribing methods, but it also reduces errors. Software with ePrescribing built in should sync your data within your EHR so things like allergies are autopopulated into the tool so you get notifications on patient allergies. You should also get access to manage care drug formulary support to better determine the most appropriate and cost effective options for your patients. All of these online features make it quicker for both you and the pharmacy to fill prescriptions for your patients.

Optician Tools

Patients spend a lot of time in the dispensary. Make sure that your opticians have the tools in their pocket so they are able to spend more time actually helping patients, and less time in front of a screen entering data. Things like an optical dashboard where your opticians can view the current status of all their jobs in one location, or a Frames Data integration so they can view custom frame catalogs and have access to the Frames Data database, or an integrated ordering solution so they don't have to call labs or visit outside websites to place orders are all ways to make things easier for your opticians.  

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