5 Questions Optometry Software Vendors Hope You Won't Ask

optometry softwareThere are a lot of costs and questions to consider when purchasing new optometry software for your office. And a lot of questions are ones that sales teams are hoping you won't ask.

So it's important you take the time to think about what's really important to the way your practice works, and how your workflow can help save you money. A few things you should be thinking about are annual fees, training and support, upgrades, soft costs, and hardware costs. Don't miss out on asking these important questions!

Optometry Software Questions You Should Ask

What about annual fees?

Is there going to be an annual fee that you pay each year in order to maintain the software license? Maybe, maybe not. But make sure to read the fine print or ask the vendor's representative, because this will play a factor in the total cost of ownership of the software!

Are there additional costs for training and support?

An optometry software that you and your staff can't operate isn't going to be very helpful. So how is training and support included in the mix? Some vendors include a certain amount of training and support, but can charge an additional fee for further assistance. Some charge a fee each year. This is another tricky cost that shouldn't be left out!

Are upgrades to the software free?

When it comes to software, updates and changes are made on a regular basis. And before you know it you're using an "old" version of the software. So what's it going to cost you to update to the latest and greatest? It's definitely something to think about if you're going to be charged for every update that comes along.

What soft costs might my office incur?practice management software

These costs are a little more abstract for an office to think about. How will your practice be impacted when you have to maintain your solution? Are you going to have to close down your office in order to install updates or upgrades? Will the staff need to stick around late in order to participate in updates that happen after office hours?

What are the hardware costs?

Hardware costs can definitely add up depending on the type of solution. Some softwares are only compatible with certain devices and computers, so there is a chance you'd have to make an investment in new computers. With client-server solutions hardware costs are going to be steep as they require you to purchase a server to host your data. If a solution is cloud-based you're probably going to be able to avoid a lot of these hardware costs. And one thing you won't need is an in-house server. Also, to access your solution in the cloud all you need is hardware that can access the Internet!

Now that you know which questions you should be asking in your search for optometry software, take a look at our full list of essential questions to stump your software vendor.

Stump Your EHR Vendor


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