Is Your Optical Software Vendor Trying to Trick You This Halloween?

With Halloween coming up at the end of the week there is a lot of trick-or-treating going around whether it's in your eyecare practice or in your neighborhood at home. And, if you're in the market for new optical software, we don't want you getting "tricked" into buying something that you're not getting. We want your new software to be a treat for your practice!

These days, technology is always changing, and in optical it's no different when it comes to the technology of your practice management and EHR software. Whether it's a client-server, cloud-hosted, or cloud-based system there are differences to each one and it's important that you can spot them so that you can make the right decision for your practice.

optical softwareDon't Get Tricked. Ask These 5 Questions When Shopping for Optical Software

Do I have to physically install software on my computer?

If you have to physically install software by downloading the system to your computer either online, or from a CD, it's not a cloud-based system. When using a true cloud-based system you will never have to install programs or software to any device that you're using. You also won't have to click on a desktop icon to open your system because you access it by logging into a website from an Internet browser.

Do I need to manage a server in my office?

If the answer is yes, then the system is a client-server system. Managing a server in your practice is going to require a lot of IT and technical knowledge to ensure that your server is set up correctly, secured, and maintained over time. With cloud systems your server is going to be hosted and managed by your vendor so you won't have to deal with any of those IT hassles.

Can I access my server from anywhere?

If a system is a true cloud-based system the answer is yes, you can access your system and data from any device, anywhere with an Internet connection. Which means you can access your system from home, or any time you're outside of the office, which has a ton of benefits for you and your staff. There are solutions for accessing a cloud-hosted or client-server system from outside your office, but it requires additional software purchases to get set up. 

Does the system update frequently and automatically?

True cloud-based systems are updated frequently for all users at once, and updates happen automatically. You'll usually see a notification letting you know what in the system has been updated, and updates can occur multiple times a month, or week. So you won't have to worry about shutting down your practice while your software is updating and you won't have to re-install the newest version. Other non-cloud systems bundle upgrades together causing long delays between updates leaving you with outdated software.

Can I use a tablet to access the system?

Like we mentioned before, if you're using a cloud-based system you can access your data from any device with an Internet connection - including tablets! Not all systems are optimized for both desktops and tablets, so if tablets are something you want to use in your office this is an important question to ask your vendor when you're seeking out options!

If you're out shopping for new optical software this Halloween, avoid getting tricked by using our Ultimate Guide for Purchasing Practice Management and EHR Software. Download your copy today!



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