5 Signs It’s Time To Move To Cloud-based Optometry Software


Technology continues to change the way ODs interact and care for their patients. However, when it comes to documenting a patient’s journey through your optometric practice many ODs relay on outdated, server-based solutions. In this post, we reveal five signs it’s time to move to cloud-based optometry software.

Signs It Time To Switch To Cloud-based Optometry Software

You Need More MobilityIs it time for your optometric practice to switch to cloud-based optometry software?

Are you staying at the office later than you used to because it’s taking longer to back up the system? Using cloud-based optometry software, you can leave the office on time and access your patient records at home or anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can even access your optometry software from a tablet throughout the office for greater mobility.

You’re Spending Too Much on Maintenance

Maintaining a server in-house is expensive when you factor in the need to upgrade hardware and hire an IT consultant to make sure the equipment is running correctly. Switching to a cloud-based solution will save you more money in the end because you won’t have to worry about upgrading hardware or hiring a consultant to maintain the system.

You’re Running Outdated Versions

In many practices running server-based optometry software, ODs delay updating their EHR software to a newer version for fear of it not working on their in-house servers. As the optometry software becomes outdated, support for the software may decrease, and you may have connectivity issues with the third-party tools.

When you move to cloud-based optometry software, you don’t have to worry about upgrading to expensive hardware or staying late to ensure the latest version of the software is on every machine. With cloud-based optometry software, you can access the latest version of the software from any computer or tablet with an internet access.

You Need A More Secure Solution

Securing patient records is vital for maintaining patient trust and staying compliant. However, your practice may not have the resources required to monitor your network security and physical security of your patient records. When your patient records are hosted on a cloud-based optometry software vendors server, your data is stored in a data center with multiple barriers which prevents unauthorized access.

You Need An Easier Way To Scale

Whether you’re increasing your staff or your adding another location to your optometric practice, scaling on the cloud couldn’t be easier with cloud-based optometry software. Instead of the headache of installing the EHR on another machine or standing up a brand new server, you can work with the vendor to get your system configured quickly so you can go back to seeing patients.

Think it’s time to move to the cloud? Download our guide for upgrading to modern optometry software.

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