Saving Time With Cloud-based Optometry Software

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Mon, May 07, 2018 @ 10:05 AM

Making the best use of your time in the eye care industry can create opportunities for you to schedule more patients or catch up on administrative work. Unfortunately, many practices are hampered by outdated processes and service-based software that creates error-prone inefficiencies in the office workflow.

Using cloud-based optometry software in your optometric practice will provide you with opportunities to optimize your office workflow for efficiency. Below are a few ways you can save time in your optometric practice by using cloud-based optometry software.

How to Save Time Using Cloud-based Optometry Software

Leverage AutomationDiscover how you can save time and improve your office workflow by using cloud-based optometry software.

Manual data entry and cumbersome processes interrupt your office workflow. Leveraging automation capabilities included in your cloud-based practice management and EHR solutions will let you cut down on error-prone, inefficient data entry work, and will improve your office workflow.

If your practice management and EHR solution offers it, consider setting up automated processes for:

  • Sending patient recall messages
  • Importing patient data into the EHR
  • Populating diagnosis, treatments, orders, special testing, and patient education materials from a single annotation entry
  • Verifying that orders going to the lab are correct
  • Checking procedure codes before submitting a claim

Use Embedded Tools

There’s a lot of software being used in a standard optometry practice. Unfortunately, juggling different logins and browser windows can slow down your computer, create errors, and complicate your office workflow. Consolidating your optometry software using the embedded tools of an all-inclusive practice management and EHR solution will provide you with all the software you need to navigate a patient’s exam from a single browser window.  With Uprise Pro, you gain access to:

  • Frame Catalogs
  • Patient Recall
  • E-prescribing
  • Patient Education
  • Code Verification

Not only will you save a ton of time using the embedded tools in Uprise Pro, but you’ll also save a substantial amount of money compared to what you’d spend if you purchased each solution stand-alone.

Ditch IT Headaches

Maintaining the hardware that powers server-based solutions is not only costly, but it also uses a lot of your time. With server-based solutions, you have to ensure that you’re keeping up with installing the latest updates and purchasing new equipment to keep the server running. If you’re not keeping up with the maintenance of the server, or you’re running old versions of your EHR software, you could be putting you and your patients at risk. It might be time to move to a cloud-based solution.

With cloud-based optometry software, you gain instant, secure, and multi-device access to your practice management and EHR software from any location with internet access. So you won’t have to worry about maintaining and purchasing hardware, performing complex processes for accessing data offsite, or installing the latest version of the software on multiple machines.

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