As an Optical Tech These are The Uprise Features You'll Love

Your practice management and EHR system should be helpful to everyone in a practice, not just the OD. And we've already told you before how your optical tech should be your OD's BFF in your practice. So make sure that you have a system that makes it easy for your tech to help out as much as possible.

Uprise is going to help out all of your staff at every point in your workflow, but today we want to focus on a few of the features that we think the optical techs will specifically love.

8 Uprise Features Optical Techs Will Love



The Ability to Change Exam Type on the Fly - If a patient is scheduled for a Comprehensive Exam but is actually there for a follow-up, you can easily update the exam type on the fly and not lose any previously stored data.

Speech to Text in the Notes Field - Voice dictation allows you to talk to your device on any text entry field to enter data so you don't have to deal with typing. Which comes in handy big-time when using a tablet. 

Create Trial Contact Lens Rxs - Multiple trial lenses can be created until the "final" contact lens prescription is determined. 

Patients Fill in Medical and Family History Prior to Exam - With help from the patient portal, patients can fill out important medical information that is then imported into the EHR for the exam. 

Tablet Friendly - You won't be restricted to specific workstations that can cause a gap in patient care. Tablets help you stay engaged with your patients for a more personal experience.

Instant Notifications - Instant notifications within the system notify you when the next patient is ready. Your workflow stays running smoothly with this streamlined communication feature.

Opto Images Easily Brought Into the Exam - Diagnostic images can be brought into the patient's exam as a thumbnail, and the residual still resides on the instrument. This image is now part of the patient's exam and backed up in real time into the cloud.  

Easily Create Referral Orders Electronically - Techs can help their ODs stay on track by ordering referrals electronically at the end of an exam, including a copy of the CCD. 

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