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Your practice’s functionality depends on its staff, so it goes without saying that they are an integral part of the practice. But after assembling your perfect team, you may think that the next step is to start training them in your practice's processes, such as learning how to use the practice management and optometry EHR software. While that’s important, many doctors and managers forget that HIPAA training should be just as important, whether or not you have an EHR software. Today, we’ll discuss the staff you should hire as well as the importance of HIPAA training in your practice.

Assembling Your Staff

It’s always been said that your team is only as strong as its weakest link, so you want to make sure you hire the best staff possible. We know that each member of your staff is essential to running an efficient practice, but we think there are three superstars that you need to have: a Tech Geek, a Watchman, and a Fashionista.


The Tech Geek: Tech Geeks have a distinct technologic advantage over other members at the practice. They are up to date with IT trends and would be open to adopting the latest technology at your practice, such as cloud computing services. They have the best insights on how to implement the most efficient technology in your practice, and you go to them for questions from the latest practice management system technologies and integrations to best practices for marketing your practice online. Their extensive tech knowledge makes everything in your practice run smoothly, at lightning speed, without errors.

The Watchman: From answering the phone and scheduling appointments to greeting patients as they arrive and getting paperwork filed, The Watchman plays an essential role in all eyecare practices. Treat them well by providing an efficient scheduling and administrative tool in a practice management solution. The best Watchmen always have a smile on their face and project a positive vibe to their patients. Essentially, they are the face of your practice!

The Fashionista: Always on trend, Fashionistas are funny, spontaneous, and above all, they are the best when it comes to analyzing trends that suit patients best! Provide them with reporting tools that can help them gain insights about your patients, such as best selling products, and they will be able to help with stocking up the best and most sell-able inventory! They are awesome at helping patients find the perfect frames for any style. And best of all, they’ll help keep your entire practice ahead of the fashion curve!

Optometry EHR Training For Your Staff 

Now that you have your perfect team, the next step is to get them up to speed with HIPAA training.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that was passed in 1996 mandates standards for health care information and electronic billing, and requires the confidential handling of health information. Employers must train any employee who has contact with medical records in appropriate HIPAA compliance, particularly your Tech Geek and Watchman. There are severe penalties for HIPAA violations that could heavily impact your practice and your staff. Training in best practices for privacy and security, and how it can affect your practice is critical. Some best practices include:

  • Securing all paperwork containing patient and health data by placing it in a drawer or folder when not in use in a paper practice. Cover charts so patient names are not visible and as a general rule of thumb, you should never leave records unattended.
  • Close computer programs containing patient information when not in use. Practice management and EHR software with automatic time out settings can be very helpful in case you forget.

Staff training is tough. We've compiled an ebook to help guide you.


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