Beyond EHR Software: Keeping Customers Happy in Your Dispensary

Earlier this week we wrote a post about why your practice needs the perfect EHR software with a patient portal and how that helps build and strengthen your patient relationships. While patient portals are a great way to build relationships and keep your patients happy from a Doctor to patient standpoint, what about keeping patients happy in your dispensary once they leave the exam room?

ODs aren't the only ones in an eyecare practice that need to maintain patient relationships. Just about everyone in a practice is customer facing whether they are scheduling appointments, taking care of billing, or helping pick out frames. So we've got some adivce from our Director of Customer Relations, Juanita Burke, to help you and your staff build and maintain stronger customer relationships.

Beyond Your EHR Software: 4 Ways to Keep Customers Smiling in Your Dispensary

Don't Make it PersonalEHR Software

How does the old saying go? "The customer is always right." Whether you believe this or not, there are in fact times when the customer is wrong. Handling these situations has to be done with respect in order to get any issues resolved. In these situations it's best to avoid taking anything personal. Focus on the issues that need to be resolved and maintain a demeanor of professionalism and kindness. If you become defensive or angry towards the customer it's only going to make the situation worse. And after all, at the end of the day, even if the difficult customer doesn't change their behavior, you will know you maintained your professionalism and handled the situation with grace.

Never Stop Coaching

Everyone in customer service has certain processes and techniques that they use in certain situations. But, it's important to never stop coaching and reviewing your own processes and team. Since your team is always engaging with others, human emotions are involved, so the role should always be monitored, reviewed, and changed as needed. Your team is the voice and face of your business so it's important to take the time to provide the best coaching, training, and tools for them to do their job.

Utilize Technology

Improvements in technology have taken the customer service role to a whole new level. On top of patient portals, there are now phone systems, live chat software, and other tools that have been designed to enhance customer experience. All these tools and avenues of communication give your team the opportunity to provide faster, more accurate, and comprehensive service than in years past.

Don't Shy Away From Social Media

Social media is just another tool for your practice to build relationships with your customers, and is a great way to keep your practice top of mind when your customers are away from the office. And just because you're in healthcare, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun on social media. Your customers are going to have questions and this will give them one more door to get in touch with you and your staff. Plus, it's also a great marketing tool!

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