Social Media for Optometrists: Fostering Relationships with Patients

I was once told that, if you want someone to like you, you should ask more questions about them. Everyone likes to talk about themselves-- and why not? You're your own greatest expert. So, when looking to build and strengthen relationships with your patients, you need to make connections and build relationships, and what better way is there to do this than social media for optometrists? Whether that means using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others, the social media bandwagon is definitely one you should jump on when trying to learn about the people around you.

laptop_thumbsupReasons Why Social Media for Optometrists Fosters Great Relationships

Personality. You get the opportunity to really show off who you are and why patients should come to you instead of another OD. Are you more approachable than others? More knowledgeable? Using newer equipment? Whatever you see your advantage as, you need to make sure it shines through social media so your patients get a brilliant reminder that they chose the best OD in the area.

Follow Lives. Using social media gives you the unique advantage of following what is happening in your patients’ lives and allows yourself to be included in such. You can see when major life events happen, and, if your office wants to commit to it, you can send cards or well wishes as you see fit.

Strengthen Loyalty. If your patients feel connected to your practice, they will never want to make a switch. The more in sync you are with your patients and their needs, the better.        

Insight About Interests. Let’s use Facebook as an example. Imagine that, in your waiting room, you have a sign that says, “Like us on Facebook!” Now, not all your patients will have one or will follow through, but the percentage that does will give you access to look at their posts and pages to see their interests, which is the easiest way to get insight on what the latest trends are. Not only does this help with improving your office and social media, but it will strengthen your marketing campaigns and entrust that you are appealing to the right crowds and markets.

One of the best ways to retain patients is to stay connected with them, especially outside the office. The easiest, quickest, and most effective way to go about this is social media.

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