Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee: Detective/Judge

Detective Judge

We're continuing our Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee series this week by taking a look at the Judge and Detective mindsets. We've grouped these two together because, ultimately, a detective's work is what helps the judge make a decision. By hitting these hot spots during Vision Expo West, and following these suggestions, we're sure that any detective, or judge, on the show floor will be able to gather the facts they need to make a just purchase decision on a new product or service.

Attend LIVE Demonstrations

Coburn Technologies, Inc.
Booth: LP6073
Complete Free-Form Mini-Lab
From design through surfacing, finishing and even AR coating; with the capability to scale from retail through low volume wholesale, see how a complete Free-Form Mini-lab can provide an affordable lens processing system.

iCoat Company
Booth: 20051
Premium 3D Eyewear
iCoat Company will be presenting with live demonstration of its premium 3D eyewear Sfirex. Have the clearest and brightest 3D experiences ever.

Santinelli International, Inc.
Booth: LP12087
FREE Rimless Workshops
Learn the “ins and outs” of mounting, assembling and adjusting rimless eyewear at this 30-minute workshop. To register, call Adrienne Lauro at 631.731.1327

FREE Tracer Coaching Session
Come and experience high-level tracer operation and learn maintenance procedures that will keep your Santinelli tracer working flawlessly. PLUS learn how to increase profits by tapping into your on-board tracer's underutilized Remote Frame Tracing (RFT) functionality.

*Utilizing the tracer technology on LE-9000, Le 1000 and Lex 1000 Lens Edgers; ICE 9000 and Ice 1000 Blockers.

To register, call Michele Candiano at 631.731.1307

Download the Vision Mobile SmartPhone Application

There's no better body of evidence for the Vision Expo West case than the Vision Mobile application. Without a doubt, this is Vision Expo's best apps for eyecare providers to date and it is chock full of great resources and information. From an interactive map that makes it easier to navigate the show floor, to an Agenda where you can set your schedule each day, to a "Here and Now" feature showing you all the exhibitors, show specials, and events going on around you on the show floor, to an inbox that contains all the important updates about Vision Expo (including a live twitter stream of the #VisionExpo hashtag - use it!, the Vision Mobile Application has you covered.

Prepare for the Show

Any detective or judge attending Vision Expo West needs to be sure that they have a game plan ready BEFORE they get to the show. Otherwise, you're bound to be overwhelmed by the amount of vendors and activities on the show floor. Here's how we would prepare if we had some investigating to do or an important purchase decision to make:

  • Make a checklist of your needs - If you're going to be looking for information to make a purchasing decision, it's important to know exactly what your practice needs. Especially if you're looking to purchase something game-changing in your practice, like a a practice management system. Make a list of the type of functionality you are looking for, the price you want to pay, the vendors you are interested in, and any other details you may forget to ask about when you're patrolling the show floor. By having a pre-made list on hand, you'll be able to make clearer, more definitive choices with ease and not waste yours or vendors time by not knowing what you're looking for.

  • Download the Vision Mobile Application - Like we mentioned earlier, this application is a must if you are a smartphone user. It has everything you need to make your time on the show floor more efficient and beneficial. Search for "Vision Mobile" in your phone's App Store or go to this page to be taken to each phone platforms

  • Research who is attending the show - It will be hard to get the information you need if you're looking for a vendor who isn't attending the show. Be sure to check out the Who's Exhibiting section of the Vision Expo West website. It has a ton of great tools to find out more about the vendors who will be at the show. Learn about the companies who offer the products you are looking for and create a schedule (use the mobile app!) of the booths and events you know you want to attend.

So there you have it! Whether you're needing to do some investigating on the show floor, or you have an important practice purchase decision to make, these resources will help you come to a final verdict and lay down the law in your practice! Be sure to let us know about any great demos or resources we may have missed by commenting below!


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