5 Reasons Your Eyecare Product Ordering Should Be Done Online

Posted by Tyler Dolezal on Tue, Dec 27, 2011 @ 09:12 AM

Eyecare product ordering is something that your practice has to do, that's a given. But too many practices cling to old ordering habits that are time consuming and error-prone when they don't have to. With the emergence of the internet, eye care providers are able to place orders more efficiently, and effectively, than ever before. Here are our top 5 reasons why your eyecare product ordering should be done online.

1. Online Orders Get to the Patient Faster

5 Reasons Your Eyecare Product Ordering Should Be Done Online

Orders placed online are returned to eyecare providers a full 1-2 days faster than those placed via phone or fax. That type of turnaround can directly affect your patients' experience in a positive way!

2. Online Orders are More Accurate

Are you still getting calls from your lab about an error in an order you phoned in earlier in the week? Good online services are equipped with error-checking features so that you know your orders are correct as soon as you send them to the lab. By placing your orders online, you will no longer have to worry about creating an order with an error in it, or creating a lens/coating/frame combination that isn't possible.

3. Online Orders can be Placed Using a Practice Management System

Does your practice use a PM system that has eyecare practice management software integation services available? If it does, you can use the information already entered in your optical practice management system to create and submit orders to your suppliers right within your system. That means you won't have to re-key any order information and can save a ton of time!

4. Online Eyecare Product Ordering is Trackable 24/7

By placing orders online, eye care providers can access a patient's order status at any time from any computer with access to the internet. This means if a patient calls in demanding to know when their prescription will be ready, you can quickly log on and check order status and see where the order is in processing and not have to put the patient on hold while you call the lab.

5. Online Eyecare Product Ordering Makes Your Staff Happier

When everything is said and done, online ordering is simply easier and more efficient to use than the phone or fax machine. And your employees notice the difference. By not inundating your staff with phone calls to the labs, they can provide better customer service and spend more time doing the things they really enjoy, like helping patients pick out a stellar new pair of frames!


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