Essilor 360° Single Vision Spectacle Lenses

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 07:06 AM

As every practitioner knows, the Snellen chart provides only limited information about how well a patient sees. The optimized light, high contrast, static conditions of the exam room, and the patient's straight-ahead gaze bare little resemblance to the varied visual challenges that single-vision lens wearers encounter in daily life.

For many single-vision lens wearers, particularly those with significant spherical and/or cylindrical refractive errors, vision through the periphery of the lens is not as good as it is through the center. Similarly, many of these patients enjoy good vision in daylight but report much lower satisfaction with their vision in low-light situations, such as when driving at night. 

Essilor 360 lensesEssilor, one of our connected suppliers, has applied wavefront aberrometry and advanced digital surfacing technology to address these issues. A breakthrough redesign of a spherical single-vision technology, the Essilor 360°™ lens, reduces or eliminates the aberrations that can limit the sharpness and quality of a patient's vision. As confirmed by optical bench testing and a comparative wearer test, Essilor 360°™ lenses provide sharper vision, a larger area of clear, aberration-free viewing, and improved contrast in low-light conditions. In addition, personalized/individualized versions of the 360 lens, including frame parameters and the Eye Rotation Center are available with Essilor FIT™ Single Vision and Essilor eyecode™ Single Vision, matching the Varilux availability.

Essilor adapted wavefront technology to measure and correct the higher order aberrations that limit the optical performance of progressive addition lenses. These wavefront-corrected designs provide better acuity and expanded fields of vision at all viewing distances as well as improved vision in low-light conditions.

Now, the same is being done for single-vision lenses. Currently, wearers of single-vision lenses achieve their best results only under normal lighting conditions and when looking through the central portion of the lens. However, in dim light or when patients look toward the outer edge of the lens, quality of vision is often diminished, with peripheral aberrations being particularly problematic for patients with high corrections. 

Currently most managed care plans (VSP, Eyemed Vision Care) cover the digital single vision lens category moving away from the old aspheric/spherical lens differentiation, there is no reason why patients can not benefit from the latest advances in digital technology in single vision lenses as well.  

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