The Best Eyecare Practice Facebook Pages

We know all too well that maintaining a Facebook page is hard work, so we were interested to see what OD Facebook pages really stand out. We also wanted to know what makes these pages so great? Is there actually a cookie-cutter version of what an OD page should look like?

The simple answer is no. Each page should offer its Facebook fans a unique value. Some are really interactive, some make it easy to schedule appointments, and some offer unique content. But there is one common denominator: they all focus on creating a good experience for the people that "Like" their pages. In other words, they don't make it all about themselves.

What Makes OD Facebook Pages A Hit

Reviews and Appointmentslanding pages (8)

Social media and Facebook have come a long way since they started, and there are countless applications and tabs that can be integrated into your Facebook page. Having an appointments tab on an eyecare practice Facebook page is a great place to start; this gives new and existing patients an easy and prompt way to schedule an appointment on the spot. A few of the OD’s that do it best include Prairie Eye Clinic and Complete Eye Care.

Video Testimonials

Reviews are key to bringing in new patients. Although Yelp and review tabs can do the job, having video testimonials is an advantage. These videos don’t have to be anything special or professional, so I wouldn’t recommend hiring a videographer if that’s not in your budget. A cell phone camera or small digital camera will do just the job; it’s all about personalization. One OD Facebook page doing this right is Associated Eye Care. They have several video testimonials posted on their page that are sure to entice customers.


Blogging is a great way to share content that may be hard to type in as a status on Facebook. Having a blog also establishes credibility for your practice and allows your patients and customers to look up to you as a thought leader. The Vision Therapy Center has a blog that links to their main website, which they keep up to date weekly. They have great information, and their Facebook page isn’t bad to look at either – their featured videos tab is creative and informative – just what people like to see on Facebook.

Branding 101

When a customer visits your page, they come to see you, your brand, and nothing else. They want to see what your practice is about, your mission, and who you really are. And lots of interaction helps. Below is a list of Facebook pages that are doing branding right.

Mann Eye Institute does a great job holding their customers’ attention on their posts and responds to what they are saying; listening is very important. They also have a great cover photo that stands out, and that’s what is seen the most.

Eyecare Associates, Inc. is also branded well and provides information in their profile that directly states their mission. The two also use social media management tools to stay on top of their social media game, allowing them to schedule a majority of their major key posts.

Cincinnati Eye Institute has posted countless albums of service events they’ve attended because giving back is their thing.

Ann’s Eyewear Boutique loves the latest styles, so they’ve made their page very trendy and up-to-date with Instagram posts of frames.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Sept. 27, 2012. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on May 18, 2021.

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