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The-Power-Hour If you want to listen about all things optometry, then you're in luck! The Power Hour is the ONLY radio talk show designed for Optometrists. Listen in live every Wednesday night at 9pm ET. The Power Hour is a different approach to keeping you informed on the ins and outs of the eye care industry with Doctors and other guest speakers with the opportunity for you to chime in on their discussion, and express your thought on the topic!

Knowledge is Power!

Topics discussed in the Power Hour are designed towards current optometry events, political perspectives, and medical topics centered towards your practice. You’ll also get a chance to hear from famous guest speakers ranging from both in and out of the optometry industry!

You know what they say, knowledge is power! So listen in on your phone on Wednesdays at 9pm ET, and simply dial 646-716-8746. Or you can visit their website, and check out the list of previous shows.


The Doctors Are in the House!

Two of the recently scheduled guest speakers; Dr. Castleberry and Dr. Lippiatt, will discuss the next step into EHR in the eye care industry. They will be live Wednesday night, June 26th, at 9pm ET, so listen in on what they have to say about this important topic!

Dr. Castleberry of Plano, Texas, and Dr. Lippiatt of Salem, Ohio are two out of three ODs in the country to be selected to develop and test Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Programs. Dr. Castleberry has more than 25 years of experience in billing, coding, and documentation experience that has to EHR technology for best practices in the world of eye care coding. And as a leader in technology, Dr. Lippiatt hosts seminars where doctors from around the country visit her Salem Eyecare Center to learn more about the use of electronic medical records.

There has certainly been a lot of talk about EHR, and how this will benefit your practice, and Dr. Castleberry and Dr. Lippiatt will discuss the topic, “EMR's – What's Next.” 

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Other upcoming Power Hour topics include:

  • Are eyeglasses still profitable?
  • Can optometry exist without vision plans?
  • The best thing you ever did to grow our practice was…?
  • Why even both with contact lenses? It just feeds the 1-800 monsters!

If you can’t wait to hear those topics, check out some of Power Hour’s previous discussions:

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Click here to access complete list of past events from The Power Hour!


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